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Providing safe and efficient methods of retrieving harmful metallic objects
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When having a metal-free space is crucial to your project or event, magnetic sweeping is the solution.


Athletic Fields • Auto Shows • Fairgrounds


Traffic Collisions • Parking Garages • Parks

Foot Traffic

Municipal Beaches • Transition Areas • Board Walks

Industrial | Residential | Commercial

Driveways • Remodeling Residue • Landscaping • Roofing Nail And Fasteners • Parking Lots • Pedestrian Areas • Manufacturing Floors • Retail/High Traffic Areas • Trucking and Logistical Distribution Centers


Buildings • Pastures • Equestrian Arenas


Streets/Highways • Site Clean-up • Backfill Contamination


Magnetic Sweeping of America began with a goal-oriented charter to provide safe and efficient methods of retrieving harmful metallic objects. Today’s demand for higher levels of safety results in rising costs and health, safety, security and liability considerations. With these goals in mind, we set out to develop new methods of removing foreign object debris using emerging magnet technology coupled with a responsive transport method previously unavailable. Our solution was developed with time and cost effectiveness in mind. Using our new technology and methodology, we can provide critical services that will exceed today’s standards and set new ones in the future.

  • MSA offers a unique approach which may be applied to both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Our raking system allows deeper magnetic penetration with minimal disturbance of soils or substrate.
  • Magnetic Sweeping of AmericaMSA offers explicit solutions designed for the Aeronautical market.
  • Our specialized equipment offers sweeping during operational hours without the usual large-scale equipment.
  • We have the ability to focus on the retrieval and removal of metallic items which may pose health and safety hazards to health and safety at residential, commercial and industrial projects.
  • Our services span from several hundred square feet to several hundred thousand square feet of coverage, affording you the flexibility to address your any needs in any situation.
  • Our custom- designed equipment is available for application in most environments with around- the- clock service.
  • MSA offers the ability to address unusual needs whereby emergency clearing or retrieval, traffic- related situations or accidental discharge of harmful metallic objects may be found.